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eSchenker. Quicker to your destination

The new eSchenker portal helps you at every step of the logistical process with simple, seamless and often automated functionalities.

Information technology is a vital element in the offering of a high-quality, reliable logistical services worldwide. As one of the leading international suppliers of integrated logistical services, DB Schenker offers a variety of such electronic services. DB Schenker has a worldwide information and communication system that manages all shipping operations all the way from the sender to the recipient. This system, SWORD (Schenker’s Worldwide Online Real-time Data Network), ensures that you can track the logistical process any time you wish.

Our e-services have something to offer every customer. You can combine the modules from the worldwide DB Schenker data network in whatever manner best fits in with your logistical concept.

Single tracking
Using the reference code of the customer or DB Schenker you gain access to a certain consignment, to which events are added (in transit, picked up, delivered, etc.). Because this tool is accessible to everyone (no user name or password required) this data is stripped of all commercially sensitive information.

Advanced tracking
Tracking system for all consignments sent by road. Entering a user name and password gives the user:

  • an overview of all consignments and the option of sorting through them
  • an overview of the events for each consignment (created, picked up, scanned, in warehouse, delivered, etc.), including the deviations (consignment refused, shop was closed, goods damaged, etc.)
  • KPIs
  • e-POD
  • view photos in the event of damage

Customer Information System
Tracking Air & Ocean (Custom Information System).
Worldwide tracking system for all sea and air freight consignments. Entering a user name and password gives the user:

  • a detailed overview of all his consignments, with various search options
  • container information
  • all events and causes, linked to the consignments
  • the option of calling up various reports.


This tool gives you the option of booking every transport order (land transport, ocean and air freight) via the internet, door to door. After the order has been processed, the customer receives a confirmation and can track his consignment.

DB Schenker has an interactive on-line scheduling system that allows the customer to precisely investigate which scheduled services DB Schenker offers (terminal-terminal) and what the transit time is. The customer enters the day on which the consignment is available and receives an overview of the standard delivery dates.

DB Schenker provides each consignment with an EAN128 bar code that is scanned at crucial points in the logistical chain. This allows each consignment to be tracked in detail. Deviations are traced by the system immediately so that corrective action can be taken. It is through these bar codes that the events can be linked to the consignments and become visible in the various tracking systems.

Using this powerful tool DB Schenker can read in all possible reports in any standard (SML, Edifact, SAP, Word, Excel, etc.) and convert them into its own format using any communication system (e-mail, ftp, provider). Conversely, DB Schenker can send back the response message in the customer's preferred format.

Quotation request
Using e-Schenker the customer can submit a quotation request for a specific transport service by land, air or sea.

Last modified: 26.02.2015

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