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Solutions for Hightech/Electronics

Increasing globalization is subjecting the electronics industry to time and cost pressures. With our logistics services, we make sure you optimize your production processes and reduce expenses.

In line with the slogan “Electrifying Logistics“, DB Schenker offers manufacturers and suppliers of industrial products comprehensive and specialized logistics services. In this scope, we have developed and implemented successful and tailor-made solutions for example for consumer electronics, telecommunications and electronic components. These solutions for the market segment Hightech/Electronics cover the entire supply chain from production supply and warehousing including various value-added services, further to spare parts and reverse logistics.

High-tech Logistics

  • special labelling (e.g. with serial number)
  • quality controls
  • innovative warehouse methods (what are these?)
  • order logistics, transport organisation, data recording, invoicing
  • media logistics, archive management, destruction and recycling
  • storage management of components
  • tools management
  • return management
  • 24/7 pick-up options
  • complies with the TAPA security requirements
  • SAP
  • European parcels service

Last modified: 23.06.2014

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