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Corporate social responsibility

Bring a Smile: structural support by all Schenker employees

Since 2014, all Schenker employees support the not-for-profit organisation Bring a Smile because “children are our future. It is our way of investing in tomorrow’s managers.”

Management took the first initiative, at the end of 2014, and replaced the traditional New Year’s gifts for customers with a financial contribution to this charity.
Then it was the turn of the almost 700 Schenker employees in Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels, Eupen, Mechelen, Willebroek, Zaventem, Zeebrugge and Zwevegem): they collected three pallets of children’s clothes and toys.

Enlarge imageBring a smile!, DB Schenker
Enlarge imageBring a smile!, DB Schenker

During the weekend of 7 March 2015 we spent two days painting the recreational space of the Speelvogels at CKG Good Engels, an organisation for children with special needs (www.ckg.be), in a fun new colour.
We were able to this thanks to the help of Akzo Nobel Paints Belgium (Vilvoorde), Chaffart (Berchem), Colora (Kapellen), De Waal verf (Schilde), Verfland (Kapellen), Brico Depot (Merksem), Doms interieur (Hoogstraten) and the uncle of Sam Vanholsbeek (one of our employees in Zaventem).

Enlarge imageBring a smile!, DB Schenker
Enlarge imageBring a smile!, DB Schenker

In mid-August 2015, seven of our colleagues from Zaventem, Willebroek and Antwerp stepped up to the plate. They had the brave idea of participating in the traditional “Dodentocht”, which requires participants to walk 100 km over a 24-hour period (see www.dodentocht.be) and to have their colleagues sponsor them. And that is exactly what happened. As a result, Schenker nv was able to present Bring a Smile with a nice fat cheque to take care of their most urgent needs. But it also had an effect on our organisation: dozens of supporters tracked the progress of their brave colleagues online on Facebook during the sponsored walk.

Enlarge imageBAS klaar voor de start, DB Schenker

Corporate social responsibility is an important pillar within the sustainability idea that Schenker nv upholds, and ties in perfectly with the parent company’s global DB2020 strategy.

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