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PDF-INVOICING: Save paper and time!

At DB Schenker we are aware of the importance of time, and we focus on your time.

Because of our commitment to environmentally sustainable logistics, we are constantly looking for efficient ways to reduce our own carbon footprints but also these of our customers. PDF-invoicing is a driving tool to turning your suppliers and your business into a paperless environment.

DB Schenker aims to be an eco-pioneer by 2020 by focusing on efficiently utilizing resources. The electronic transmission of invoices contributes to this objective 100%. PDF-invoices are good for the environment. By eliminating paper, we reduce carbon dioxide emissions and save trees.

The advantages of PDF-invoicing at a glance:

  • Reduction of administrative efforts, meaning less work for you: imagine not having to open envelopes or sorting piles of paper
  • Enables you to process invoices electronically:
    • pdf-invoices are much easier to interpret than scanned images
    • invoices e-mailed directly to the correct contact
    • easier approval process and automated
    • invoices are ready for electronic archiving Free your office from paper-pushing and get rid of the bulky paper archives
  • PDF-invoices contribute to a better environment

Get your invoices electronically
DB Schenker offers you the possibility to receive your invoices via e-mail. You’ll get the same detailed information you receive on paper in a convenient PDF document that is easy to view, save, and share.

Would you like to use the opportunity to receive your invoices in PDF?
Please get in contact with your local DB Schenker office or subscribe online:

Last modified: 14.04.2016

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